I found the best garnish for a cocktail, in keeping with my party theme which highlights food in the shape of a ball: malt balls add a little touch of chocolate with a soft center.

If you’ve never tasted malt balls, you are in for a tiny treat. The centers of the balls are filled with malted milk, which is a powdered and made with malted barley, wheat flour, and evaporated whole milk. The texture is very airy and light. This gets covered in a coating of not-too-sweet chocolate. There’s an nice juxtaposition of the filling, which has a slight sourness to it, with the chocolate. We found a better source to buy these in NYC, and use them to garnish the signature cocktail I featured in the party plan for hosting an old-fashioned ball.

Handsome Dan’s Malt Balls From an old-time concept, comes a new candy store. Handsome Dan’s shop is filled with bulk candies in jars, some from Brooklyn brands, like Mast Brothers chocolate and Brooklyn Hard Candy. You can also have candy delivered at this link: postmates.com

For a whimsical dose of chocolate, garnish this month’s cocktail with malt balls or chocolate-covered cookie dough on a pick. The chocolate accentuates the chocolate notes in the whisky and Barolo Chinato. Available at Handsome Dan’s candy shop. In Manhattan, 186 1st Ave or in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mini-Mall, 218 Bedford Ave. $5 half lb. handsomedansstand.com  You can also have the candy delivered at this link: postmates.com

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