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Try a New Gym Class: Get In the Best Shape of Your Life

As we all have experienced, doing the same old workout loses its effect on the physique. It’s time to mix it up with a new repertoire! If you live in Queens, NYC, you are in luck. ITrain is having a special on their innovative classes and personal training. I.C.T. [Intense Circuit Training], I.S.T [Intense Strength Training], Boot Camps, plus nutritional counseling, and massage included in a $199 monthly price tag! Located at 119-40 Metropolitan Ave [btw Lefferts/Brevoort St]. The gym is located at the back of the parking lot, downstairs. Contact Eddy Bolaños at iTrain: 718-419-2866;

iTrain 2016 Big Bang Special
$199 a month
-2 I.C.T OR I.S.T sessions (weekly)
-3 Boot Camp sessions (weekly)
-1 Massage Recovery Therapy (monthly)
Also includes:
A) Meal Planning Assistance
B) Home Workout Plan