Gourmet Hot Dogs


The Secret to Gourmet Hot Dogs

Don’t serve just any hot dog, up the game with gourmet dogs and toppings. See more fresh toppings in our Gourmet Hot Dog post.

[1] D’artagnan Gourmet Hot Dogs Wanna really up your hot dog game? D’artagnan offers two exceptional choices, great to mix and match! No mystery ingredients here, just pure, tasty, meat. The uncured duck hot dog is made entirely of flavorful Pekin duck meat and all natural flavors. $9.99 for 6 dogs. D’artagnan also offers natural uncured beef hot dogs that are just as flavorful as any other. With nothing but certified Angus beef and spices, they are a taste-good and feel-good must. $6.99 for 6 dogs. dartagnan.com

[2] First Field Ketchup uses only Jersey grown fresh tomatoes and organic ingredients for a deep-roasted tomato taste. You will switch from your other brand. first-field.com

[3] Annie’s Naturals Organic Yellow Mustard has the classic mellow but tangy flavor without the additives. annies.com

These ingredients are part of our plan for a patriotic buffet in 04 July 4th Bash