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Stop a Fight at Your Party

Just like oil and water, sometimes you get two people that don’t mix. Opinions start flying, voices get heated, and the mood becomes tense. Here are some ways you can be a great party referee and take the sting out of an argument. Separation is key!

[1] Be a peacemaker and a diplomat. Start by separating the two conflicted parties, then go to each one individually, and hear what they have to say in private, consoling each one. Typically, one party decides to leave at this point which fixes the problem immediately. Let them go, but make sure to contact them the following day.

[2] If you see two people who you know have a tendency to be overly opinionated and you hear voices being raised, intervene before things get too out of hand. Grab one of them and pretend you need help, or say someone was asking for them. A little white lie can help to avoid a scene.

[3] If you are a natural comedian, make a joke to break the tension. For instance, if people are arguing about political issues, say you voted for Jack Daniels for president, and drag one of the sparring pair over to the bar to refresh their cocktail.

[4] If a couple starts to fight, well, you need to pull them aside and ask them to cool it—or leave. You don’t want to take sides in a jealousy-fueled argument between lovers.

[5] Don’t let a fight dampen party spirits, once things have gotten back to normal, carry on! Just think of the incident as a party-reminiscing anecdote for the future. And maybe next time you’ll want to re-think the guest list.