how to attend a party solo

Know How

Attend a Party Solo with Élan

There is nothing more attractive and admirable than an independent person. You know—the type who can be perfectly happy treating themselves to a meal at a busy restaurant without feeling self-conscious. Attending a party where you don’t know most of the people can be intimidating, but it’s easy to turn it into an opportunity. Who knows, you might end up making a new friend, meeting the perfect business contact, or serendipitously encountering a romantic possibility. Here are your keys to success:

[1] Scan the room for people you think you could relate to and go to those first. It’s usually easiest to strike up a conversation with another solo attendee. Start by commenting on something: a cool piece of jewelry the person is wearing, something about the food or space, or simply introduce yourself.

[2] Reveal something interesting about yourself—your extravagant hobby, your pet hedgehog, a weakness.

[3] Be a good listener, pick up on items that keep the conversation light and fun.

[4] Give it time. Perfect chemistry does not happen in an instant. Promise yourself you will not leave until you talk to at least two people.

[5] Backup plan. Let the host know that you have another engagement from the get-go, so if you don’t feel a fit with the crowd, you can slip away.