Rooftop season is in a full bloom and we are excited to introduce Starchild Rooftop to you. Located on the 27th floor of the Civilian hotel in eclectic Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, this place offers fantastic panoramic views of midtown Manhattan and beyond. 

We were able to attend a little preview with a delicious selection of featured cocktails, light bites and a live DJ. Perfect cocktail for a hot summer day or a rooftop party would be the NORDIC G&T (seen above) made of 20 SVÖL Danish Aquavit, Dorothy Parker Gin, Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, Cucumber, Dill and Pink Peppercorn. We noticed there is a great selection of espresso martinis as well! These have made such a huge comeback, and are great to give you a little pick me up in between drinks. Good news is they serve small bites to go along with the cocktails, so we tried their delicious classic Margherita pizza. 

Beautiful Starchild Rooftop has two outdoor patios and a retractable rooftop that can transform into a fully open-air space with panoramic views of the New York skyline and the Hudson River. The interior is tastefully decorated with lots of pillows and small mirrors on the walls with a touch of bright colors. Even though it rained on the day we visited, we got two see two different picturesque views which made us more excited to see the sunshine come out just in time for sunset and a cheer. 

Steve Gottman,  the director of nightlife calls the rooftop their living room in the sky with a real party atmosphere where they try to curate authentic New York experiences. Some days they curate a party with rock and soul records, a party of classic house and 90s hip hop and on the weekends a bit more top 40 from Drake and Beyonce vibe. 

“Besides all the facts, I would say the most important element is that  this entire building top to bottom is done with a sense of authenticity and sincerity in all forms of hospitality. Whether it’s the gin and tonic, music and the DJ spinning vinyl records or the flute that goes with a dish. We wanted to bring a sense of warmth and love,” said Steve Gottman. I really enjoyed their hospitality and a refreshing cocktail. I think you can tell by the smile on my face I will be back very soon.  

Starchild Rooftop, 305 W 48th St, 27th Floor, Open 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM, except Friday and Saturday when they stay open till 2am.