Stretches of Park Avenue host the vast majority of the most popular designer boutiques the world has to offer, attracting upscale New Yorkers and tourists alike. When you walk down Park Avenue South however, which runs between 32nd and 17th streets, there’s a whole different vibe, with a little more grunge and a plethora of approachable restaurants, coffee shops, and more. Pando Park sits in this enclave, an American bar offering imaginative fare and drinks, as well as an all-day Summer Happy Hour till 7 pm on weekdays. Mouth-watering food is served all day including house-made pasta dishes, dry-aged steak, delectable cured meats and cheese boards, in addition to over 100 different whiskies served in both one-and two-ounce pours.


When walking into Pando Park, you’ll be captivated by a stylistic atmosphere that brings the true essence of a modern NYC bar. The design is brought to you by Architect/Designer, John K. Min, who was hired by the restaurant’s owner Sean Holmes, President of H2 Hospitality.

Min brought shades of navy blue, gray, and brown leather to create a cozy and intimate ambiance. He adorned the walls with dim lighting to cast an enchanting glow throughout the space. The deep shades and walls work harmoniously to transport guests into new experiences filled with elegance, sophistication, and a touch of celebrity nostalgia. With this in mind, celebrity nostalgia arrives from an eclectic photo collage that Holmes created to grace Pando Park’s walls. The variety of images are of iconic artists who are mostly deceased, such as Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, and Tony Bennet.

In the blue room, you’ll find a continuation of similar figures, plus one large photo of Mrs. Cooney, the bar’s guest of honor. She was a lady who frequented Holmes’ parents’ bar in his hometown of Galway, Ireland. When Holmes was a child, he fondly recalls Cooney coming in every Friday after drawing her pension. She would order a couple of whiskeys and entertained the bar with her interesting stories, as she smoked her non-tipped cigarettes. Her husband was killed when fighting with the English army in WW1. Cooney lived a hard life as a widow, thereafter. With her particular look, she could easily have fit into any establishment on Park Avenue in the 20s’, around the time of the great depression. Make sure to search her out when you visit and make a toast to a fine character!

There’s a nook at the front of the entrance, which is spacious enough to host a small party of six; further back in the restaurant there is an image of Anthony Bourdain, which Pando Park pays homage to since his former restaurant Les Halles, was not far from where Pando Park is now.

Dining Experience

Dining at Pando Park was superb; a full lunch and dinner menu, artisan cocktails, and an expansive whiskey collection are offered. The restaurant’s menus include starters like juicy Jumbo Wings that are sauced tableside, savory Deviled Eggs Three Ways, crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites, and creamy Mac & Cheese.

I began my dining experience at Pando Park with the Jumbo Wings, which arrived in three different flavors: Calabrian honey, buffalo, and bourbon bbq sauce. These were some of the juiciest and meatiest wings I’ve ever had…not to mention, full of flavor as the coatings provided the best of all worlds since the wings brought mild, sweet & spicy, along with aromatic senses to my palate. I then tried the Deviled Eggs Three Ways, which of course, had a flavorful taste from the mousse-like yolks that had unique toppings like meaty pork belly, a crispy fried oyster, and pickled vegetables.

Lastly, I had the three Crab Croquettes, which were made with lump blue crab and served with a sweet and tangy orange marmalade.

After the starters, I enjoyed a unique cocktail and the Tortellini with short rib. The pasta dish was very rich in taste, as the tortellini was stuffed with short rib and coated in a silky shallot cream whisky sauce.

The cocktail I ordered was the Morning Ritual Milk Punch, which was crafted from gin, absinthe, a sweet and honeyed cocchi americano, lemon, and Fruity Pebbles milk fat. This drink was sweet, fruity, and sour all at the same time.

In short, Pando Park is ideal if you are seeking a place with chic decor and an extensive menu for a staff lunch or dinner, a place to pregame and have bar bites prior to a night out, or to simply listen to live music with a glass of whiskey in hand. The possibilities are endless at this Park Avenue South gem!

For more information on Pando Park, follow the restaurant over @pandoparkave.

Pando Park Avenue, 450 Park Ave S, (betw 30th/31st Street) They have a sister location called Pando 39, 54 W 39th St (betw 5th/6th Ave)