If you love hosting parties with a dramatic effect, this White Party plan is for you. Each and every recipe is presented in stark white, which I suggest doing for the winter holiday season, for extra starkness.

White bites rule! And these snacks simply add to the total effect. Think about serving on white Carrara marble platters.

[1] Cacioricotta’s Fiocco Ni Neve (Misto Pecora) is a pretty, round cake you can cut into wedges. Made from cow and sheep’s milk, it is firm with quite a salty kick. From Italy.

[2] The Drunken Goat, known for its rind soaked in red wine, is a popular option from Spain. It is semi-soft and has wonderfully-delicate, creamy taste that melts in your mouth.

[3] Olympiana Sun Dried Kimi Figs, from Greece, have the perfect washed-out color for this party. Their sweet, chewy texture pairs well with both cheeses.

[4] Eat Well Enjoy Life Tuscan White Bean Hummus Hummus is the go-to, pre-made dip we all grab for. This brand went a little crazy and came up with a line of hummus using different beans. White bean, edamame, black bean, and lentils enter the scene. Low-fat versions appear for the careful crowd. You’re covered. eatwell-enjoylife.com

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