In keeping with the orange and black color scheme of this party, we’ve unearthed some authentic chocolate treats from Mexico, a black chimichurri sauce, spooky charcoal crackers, and a salsa with a new ingredient, to create the ultimate foodie Halloween.

[1] Hernán Day of the Dead Chocolates A special edition line created just for Day of the Dead, these hand-molded chocolates are shaped into emblematic skulls. Presented in bright artisan, hand-woven palm leaf baskets, they make an excellent gift for the holiday. Made in a traditional style using organic cacao, cinnamon, and sugar, these chocolates can be enjoyed as is or used to make a heady hot chocolate drink with just hot milk or water. Founded by Isela Hernandez, a veteran of the fashion industry, Hernán sells premium Mexican culinary products, including kitchenware and specialty foods, with social responsibility in mind.

hobnobmag foodie Halloween ingredients

[2] Samba Flavor’s Premium Black Chimichurri Samba Flavor’s black chimichurri sauce is striking in both sight and flavor. Samba takes chimichurri, the classic South American sauce already packed with flavor, and takes it to the next level with big, bold ingredients such as black garlic, balsamic vinegar, and the company’s signature herbs and spices. Black garlic is made from very slowly roasting garlic until it turns sticky and black, resulting in a deeply caramelized product with complex notes of sweet molasses and dark chocolate. The sauce is perfect as a marinade or condiment for grilled steak, fish, or vegetables, but feel free to spoon it over anything—soups, pastas, breads—that needs a vibrant punch of flavor.

hobnobmag foodie Halloween ingredients

[3] Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsas Jarred salsas get a makeover with Yummy Yammy’s nutrition-packed line of sweet potato salsas. Full of spice and flavor and perfect for dipping tortilla chips or cut-up vegetables, sweet potato salsas are a fantastic alternative to your everyday, watery, jarred tomato salsas. Using pure, roasted sweet potatoes as a base, Yummy Yammy incorporates only all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. For this party, try the classic Mexican variety full of hearty black bean, corn, and smoky chipotle. Also in the line, a Moroccan version that includes lentils, kale, and curry spices, and a Tuscan version with roasted red pepper, white beans, balsamic vinegar, and basil.

[4] The Fine Cheese Co.’s Fine English Charcoal Squares Add a dramatic color and flavor to your next cheese plate with charcoal crackers from The Fine Cheese Co., an artisanal British cheese company based in Bath. Decadently buttery, tender, and slightly flaky, these crackers are made with a touch of natural charcoal powder (perhaps an ode to “charcoal biscuits” of yore), giving them their unusual, but elegant look. These dark and distinctive crackers go especially well with strongly flavored, soft goats’ and sheeps’ milk cheeses.

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