What a week! It’s crazy to think that the whole planet is in a state of uncertainty, and all for the sake of something microscopic. Invisible. That damn covid-19 NYC pause is happening. For how long, we don’t know,

And how weird is it to be the editor-in-chief of a website about going out and entertaining right now. I hope you enjoy our suggestions for making the most of the time you are spending at home. And remember to take a walk. And think about your favorite spots and try to support them. Help your neighbors if they need it.

spring hits Gramercy Park, Covid-19 NYC

Tonight, the weather was at the perfect temperature, the cherry trees were in bloom, the daffodils were looking their absolute most adorable, swaying animatedly in the light breeze. I soaked up the calm as much as I could. And am hoping for the best. And there’s a lovely quietness that surrounds us, almost like a blanket of snow before anyone’s had the chance to walk through it.

Best of luck to everyone. Stay safe. Stay happy.

—March 20, 2020

gramercy park NYC L'express restaurant during Covid-19 NYC

Note: L’express, old reliable with its doors shuttered… kids playing in the street… parking spaces!!