King Street is the main street which runs down the middle of Charleston, and the street where you will find most of the action. It is alive with new shops, bars and restaurants, and lined with many palm trees. I became enamored with the creativity and honor to blending the old with the new in these Charleston King Street sights to remember. 

The street itself is more than 200 years old, named after King Charles II of England and was a main route in the early city of Charles Towne. The upper part of King Street had a revitalization in the 1950s, which is reflected in the store fronts, many of which have transitioned into trendy bars and restaurants. 

Here are some highlights focused in on the old storefronts and the general feel of the street. The walk focuses in on King Street beginning at around Cannon Street and goes down to around George Street. There is much more to see as you head further south, but I hope this will give you a glimpse to the pace, style, and mood of Charleston.

Charleston King Street Sights 2021