Savino is an elegant wine preservation system that allows you to open any bottle with confidence, knowing that you can enjoy the full, original flavor of Tuesday’s wine on Saturday. A simple wine saver you can use again and again.

To use Savino, just transfer the contents of an entire bottle into the glass vessel, and use it to serve and store. The float is the key in the design, and acts as a a physical barrier between the wine and oxygen.

Hobnobmag Wine Saver

HOBNOB recommends having several Savinos on hand for your weekend guests (see the whole plan for hosting guests for the weekend here) so that you can offer wines to please each person’s palate, and not have any wine going to waste. Think about having one for a bright white, another for a dry white, and for the red-wine lovers, one for a fruity red, another for a deep, lusty cab.

The Connoisseur version is made from high quality flint glass and goes for $60, The Enthusiast is made from BPA-free tritan plastic for when you are venturing into the great outdoors, $30.

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