I am a big rum lover, and so appreciate the range that the spirit offers—from a fine cognac style to sweeter, more intense offerings. This prompted me to find fellow rum lovers and get some unique and complex cocktails with exotic and rare rums.

The mixologists in this story have a special affection for rum and have collected rare bottles in their travels. They shared some of their favorite cocktails, which you can link to below. Hobnob also offers a downloadable pdf of all the cocktails, for your bartending pleasure, scroll to the bottom.

Four Cocktails with Rare Rums by Francois Morisson

Dear Irving’s Tom Richter Mixes Up a Smooth Rum Cocktail for Sipping

Three Super Cocktails from Abdul Tabini and The Rum House

Shaun Dunn of The Nomad Hotel Mixes a Rum Cocktail with a Caffeine Kick

Raphael Reyes Adds a Culinary Touch to a Special Aged Rum Cocktail

Moses Laboy Treats Rum to Lemongrass and Candied Ginger in His Warming Cocktail

Jim Romdall of Rumba’s Pretty Tropical Rum Cocktail

Sachin Hasan of 2e Bar/Lounge Infuses Garam Masala Into Rum to Stunning Effect

Hobnob Mag’s Ellen Swandiak Mixes a Rum Cocktail with Coconut and Chocolate Overtones

Download the PDF:


HOBNOBMAG 14 rum cocktails by 10 mixologists