If you are into rum, the way I am, then Rumba Seattle should be on your bucket-list destinations. Jim Romdall has quite the collection, and bar menu. He’s shared a super pretty cocktail recipe that will make a big splash at your next gathering.

After a stint at owning Seattle’s supreme destination cocktail bar Vessel, Jim Romdall has moved his talent for creating cocktails to Rumba, a bar with over 250 rum selections.

The cocktail menu’s main focus is daiquiris at the most sophisticated level, plus an array of island drinks including prohibition-era Havana drinks, and fresh-ingredient tiki cocktails, punches and Caribbean classics—perfect for summer cooling.

Go for the cocktails, or for sipping exclusive rums from around the world. Try one of the flights on the menu, like the Cigar Not Included, a trio of spirits from Haiti, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico. One of my favorite styles of rum is Rhum Agricole, made from sugar cane instead of molasses. So, Jim created an Agricole Swizzle for me. rumbaonpike.com

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