WHERE TO BUY Food in the Colors of the Rainbow


Sources for Food in the Colors of the Rainbow

We love introducing pops of color to a party the natural way—with fresh flowers and fruit and veggie spreads. Here are some fun and delicious ideas that will take your party to new technicolor heights.

[1] Foodie Spoon Made with nutritious, all-natural ingredients (no artificial food coloring in sight), Foodie Spoon’s edible vessels are a novel and delicious way to present your cocktail bites—plus add a mighty pop of both color and flavor. For this party, HOBNOB used bright Green Veggie Mini Taco Shells in our chicken tacos and flaming orange Chili Pepper & Lime Edible Spoons with a cube of pork and mango nectarine salsa. If you are looking for other colors in the spectrum, go for the vibrant Red Tomato Mini Taco Shells or the deep purple-hued Blue Corn Edible Spoons. There are whole grain and gluten-free options to boot. Serve your edible vessels within 14 days, freeze extras for up to 6 months. And the best part? No waste! foodiespoon.com

[2] Sushi at Home Yellowfin Tuna The scariest part about making sushi at home is finding high quality fish. Tuna from Sushi At Home are “superfrozen,” meaning they are frozen very rapidly to an ultra-low temperature (-76ºF), its “eutectic point” where natural decay is stopped in its tracks. This highly technical freezing process is actually similar to a method used in the medical field to preserve blood at blood banks. Your tuna, superfrozen within hours of being caught and gutted, is essentially frozen in time, making your at-home sushi as fresh as can be. Serve raw fish in small portions throughout the night to keep your offering fresh. See our recipe for Tuna Poke on Red Tortilla Chips in this party’s menu. sushiathome.co

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