I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas Holiday Gift Guide for the Epicurean

Black food and beautiful dark packages that show you know how to please your perfect foodie friends. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide for bringing gifts to those who appreciate the best.


Norman Love Confections Black Chocolate Gift Box Arrive at your party destination with a slick box of single-origin dark chocolates and you’ll be made even more welcome. Made with cacao from five of the finest growing regions across the globe—Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Tanzania, and Venezuela. 15 Pcs $36.00


Brooklyn Blackout Cake By Ovenly Dessert with a twist. Ovenly has mastered the perfect gastronomic balance between sweet and salty. Brooklyn Blackout Cake takes a dark chocolate stout cake and smothers it in salted dark chocolate pudding buttercream. $49.


Milk & Cookies Bakery Double Chocolate Cookies Milk & Cookies pulls out all the nostalgia for home-baked cookies. Who could say NO to a stacked batch of the Double Chocolate? Baker’s Dozen $34.50


Five Olive Oil From Greece, a sensational organic extra virgin olive oil for drizzling and more—in a fashionable bottle that can always be on display. No additives. $41.68 Available on Amazon.


Melassa Fig Molasses A bottle of this can perch nicely near any cheese board or on a dessert buffet. The Campania region of Italy delivers a smooth, traditional fig molasses, an ancient specialty using Dottato white figs that grow in the area. 3.3 oz $49.00


Morgenstern’s Ice Cream Black Coconut Ash From Morgenstern’s, a beloved ice cream store in NYC, comes Black Coconut Ash ice cream, in an almost unbelievable shade of black. So decadent in appearance, this ice cream invites a sprinkle of something in color, perhaps a foil or glitter to make things even more festive. Coconut ash is a form of activated charcoal and gives this ice cream its sensational color and flavor. Half gallon $70.50. Pint $ 11.50.


Ess-a-Bagel  Pumpernickel Dark bagels offer a nice change of pace from the ordinary. Ess-a-Bagel makes them extra large, so a dozen can go a long way—just cut them into quarters. Bakers dozen $16.20


D’Artagnan Fresh Black Winter Truffle For the gourmand in your life, the most precious of all the black truffles. These are especially prized by chefs for their distinct and pungent aroma. $89.99 per oz.


Tsar Nicoulai American White Sturgeon Caviar Caviar from American White Sturgeon is praised by connoisseurs for its smooth finish and gentle pop. They sport a beautiful dark brown to platinum hue and a creamy medium to large sized bead. $60.


Tajarin Artisinal Pasta with Squid Ink by Tealdi A pasta that looks and tastes extraordinary. Tarjarin is a flat egg spaghetti made from all natural ingredients with the slightly briny and complex flavors via the addition of squid ink. See Hobnob’s tasty recipe, if you need a great potluck dish to bring to an event: Pitch Black Squid Ink Pasta with Shrimp & Toasted Breadcrumbs $7.54


SaltWorks Mediterranean Black Sea Salt Flakes Salt at its most sophisticated from Cyprus. The shiny black pyramid-shaped crystals get their color from activated charcoal, derived from coconut shells. Available in Boutique Glass Jar (3.5 oz) $17.99 or for bulk  3 lb. $53.25