Daniel Rutkowski of Middle Branch Offers a Comfort Cocktail

Although Daniel Rutkowski has but few years mixing under his belt, and plans to make a career out of his trade. After begging the managing partner of Middle Branch, Lucinda Sterling, to train him in Sasha Petraske methodology and style, Daniel is overjoyed to call Middle Branch his home. We got the inside scoop on his line of thinking.

Do you have a comfort go-to?
An amaro adds bitterness and sweetness, but beyond that provides a warmth and a vast herbal complexity that no one other spirit offers.

Middle Branch offers bespoke cocktails that cater to guests’ mood. What’s been your most unusual request?
One is ingrained in my memory forever: gin, lemon juice, cucumber, egg white, no sugar. After a few misfires of sneaking a bar spoon of simple syrup in just to make the drink palatable, we learned to accept that this particular guest simply loves frothy and unbelievably tart concoctions.

Describe the scene at Middle Branch
At times, the downstairs can be a tad overwhelming with a sea of thirsty millenials. Monday through Wednesday, we have live jazz trios and a bluegrass band downstairs, so it’s rare to see the room not filled. We try to keep the upstairs a serene and romantic safe haven, but even that becomes impossible on the weekends.

Any new spirits catch your eye?
I’ve been obsessed with Cynar since I tasted it, so I’m always playing around with it (see cocktail recipe with this post), and lately I’ve been fascinated with Black Strap Rum. It is an aged, molasses-driven, extremely rich spirit that pairs with anything bitter and anything in the cacao family—the perfect bottle for the frigid months ahead.

Middle Branch, 154 e 33 St (btw Third/Lexington) NYC

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