Get your bbq grill to do your bidding. We found some fab BBQ accessories to help you roast jalapeños, skewer kebabs, and grill fish without it dropping into the coals. Trick out your barbecue for the perfect weekend party.

We also came across a gadget that turns ordinary ingredients into great-looking stacks ( like our recipe for Grilled Vegetable Napoleon). I created the perfect plan for hosting weekend guests, see the details here.

[1] The Architec Stackable Appetizer Maker is a unique gadget that lets you turn ordinary ingredients into beautifully layered creations in just minutes. Simply place a line of each ingredient, and press down with included flat bar, then cut between the grooves. Create savory creations alternating slices of bread with other ingredients, like lobster salad, charcuterie, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, etc. For a spectacular dessert, layer slices of baked goods like pound cake or brownies with fruit, cream, cookie crumbs, syrups. $20. Available online at

For the weekend issue, we used the Appetizer Maker to make Vegetable Napoleon—layers of  grilled vegetables, spinach and goat cheese to accompany the charcuterie and olives for our Friday Night Welcome Snack. The vegetables were grilled on Thursday night, the stacks were created, covered, refrigerated, then cut into individual servings just before serving. Everyone loved this.

[2] Man Law 5-in-1 Grill Topper Get into gourmet grilling with this versatile gadget. Efficiently designed to conserve space, it can be used in the following ways (from top to bottom): a grill topper perfect for delicate or small items; a 24-hole jalapeno roaster; four skewers + kabob rack; a smoker with tray for wood chips; a customizable beer can chicken roaster. The durable stainless steel construction also makes it easy to clean. Around $80. Available online at &

HOBNOBMAG Tools BBQ Accessories

[3] Maverick’s Solar LED Grill Light With weekend guests, forget kitchen maneuvering, move the whole operation outdoors—day or night. Like a book light, only better, Maverick’s Solar LED Grill Light is adjustable, cordless and lasts for up to four hours at a time. Around $35.

HOBNOBMAG Tools BBQ Accessories2

[4] Weber’s Large Stainless Steel Fish Basket There are two ways you can grill fish; one: place it directly on your grill, have the bottom stick, make a mess. The second is to use Weber’s Fish Basket, which allows you to easily flip your fish intact. Its flexible stainless steel wire design adjusts to hold a variety of foods in addition to fish. $35. Available online at

See the complete menu and strategies for hosting weekend guests in style: 06 Three Day Party