My friend Juliet and I trekked through The Vision Show to see what eyewear trends 2018 had in store. On the agenda: glasses suitable for a wide face, and which colors would be flattering with blonde hair.

I can’t deny it anymore, I need to get glasses. With The Vision Show at the Javits in March, I thought it would be a great opportunity to see the new trends, view all the designer frames, and discover some new brands. I brought along my friend Juliet, who always has the coolest eyewear, to model and advise me on the right shape for my wide, Eastern European face. Here’s what we liked from the show.

HOBNOBMAG Eyewear Trends 2018 Vision Show

HOBNOBMAG Eyewear Trends 2018 Vision Show


Juliet looks good in practically any style. She’s got big green eyes, and a nice oval face. Particularly nice were the off-white and pastels with her coloring. We both love the idea of eyewear that flares out on the outside tops, like a cat eye. This seems to flatter and allure.

HOBNOBMAG Eyewear Trends 2018 Vision Show


Since I have a wide face, glasses often look too narrow, which has sent me on a quest to find wider, oversized shapes. I am automatically attracted to big, thick, statement styles, and did find some I liked in tortoise shell from Project Nude and Leon Max. Juliet also looked great in a tortoise shell, round number from Kendall and Kylie.

HOBNOBMAG Eyewear Trends 2018 Vision Show

HOBNOBMAG Eyewear Trends 2018 Vision Show


I happen to love the contrast of black frames with light hair. It’s definitely not wallflower material. There were some at the show that really stood out. Never thought I would like hexagonal glasses till I tried on some from Project Nude. Leon Max had a plastic pair with printed lace to compete with Dolce & Gabbana’s metal lace glasses. I liked that they added a little more interest to the frames, yet were not too crazy. Jessica Simpson’s black pair incorporated the style of adding a clear section at the top of the frame (also seen in the Leon Max tortoise shell).

HOBNOBMAG Eyewear Trends 2018 Vision Show


Hands down, the color purple really goes well with blonde hair. Ask any of my relatives.


Some brands do make an effort to produce something a little different, with a little more style. Here are the ones we liked:

Leon Max Offered a great selection of solid, well-made styles. Some nice collections for men by Zyloware were on the scene as well.

Mo Eyewear They have a section on their website showing people in their glasses you can use for every day style inspiration.

Project Nude This is a family owned and operated optical distributor and manufacturer located in Salt Lake City, UT. They had some really far-out styles at the show

Max London Club Nothing outrageous here, but lots of styles to choose from.

Europa Eyewear Cinzia This Italian company had some signature looks. The website gives you every dimension, if you’re into that.

Color in Optics Jessica Simpson Collection I hate to admit it, but I like a lot of her designs. I could not find a specific website with her collection, but the company that produces the eyewear is called Color in Optics. (866) 465-COLOR.

Dolce & Gabbana As expected, some super wild and fun designs to choose from.

Allure Eyewear Kendall & Kylie Collection Big statement styles here.

Versace Glamorous selections with very cool sunglass designs.