See the leaders of Victorian fashion, also known as steampunk, out celebrating a birthday and fashion event at the National Arts Club, NYC.

We ran into Nina, and entourage, celebrating her birthday at the National Arts Club with a Victorian fashion event. There we discovered Jim Glaser, of Kostume Kult, who works with a growing community of multimedia artists who work together on costuming, interactive art, street spectacles and media projects—all with an extra dose of irreverence. They host an over-the-top Halloween party every year, which is sure to be filled with only the most creative costumes. Keep up with their roster of events on their FB page.

hobnobmag Victorian fashion

Also in attendance, Victoriana Lady Lisa who specializes in the Victorian and Edwardian era with authentic antique clothing, including artifacts from her own personal collection, circa 1840-1919. Her photography book, INTERNATIONAL STEAMPUNK FASHIONS, is full of inspirational, visionary steampunk wear: head-to-toe Victorian-era style coupled with futuristic, sci-fi concepts, as well as hats, jewelry, and other accessories.