Every season or two we women look for a handbag to fit all our needs. We want quality materials, good structure, sometimes a designer name and we want something versatile. The IT handbag should have the ability to make you swoon—or maybe that’s just us.

Our fashion philosophy is to be true to yourself. This spring we are approaching shopping with no fear. Remember when you had that one fashion moment where you put something together that was genuine to your personal style? You ignored trends and what people would think? You were fearless, free and you felt cool. We want you to shop that way. To top the shopping cake, it would feel even better if you shopped handmade while supporting those who are less fortunate.

Presenting a few of our handbag picks that we can almost guarantee no one around you will carry.

Kent Stetson Margarita Clutch Bag comes with a removable cross-body chain, logo dust bag, clear vinyl inner pocket, and are individually signed by the Artist. ​Handmade in the USA. 12 x 7 x 1.  $205. kentstetson.com

HOBNOBMAG It handbag 1

Olbrish Torii Collection Handbag ,The Torri – between two worlds collection handbag is a well known style with varied history. At the beginning of this model’s life in the 1997 it was the favorite in Germany, then forgotten, but a very popular bag in the USA, and now both in Germany and in the USA. It has become a sought after classic. Made of napa leather from cowhides of souther Germany, lined with suede, reinforcement made with recycled leather straps. Price upon request, home.olbrish.de

Meyelo Nubuck Tote, Meyelo is empowering artisans with sustainable income through their craft, they are employing over 80 artisans in Kenya. The practical and gorgeous handbags are all made of raw, up cycled and locally sourced materials. This tote is made of natural Nubuck leather, it will wear out beautifully.$180. meyelo.com

HOBNOBMAG It handbag 1

Wendy Stevens Polar Purse,The polar purse is made of perforated stainless steel with leather gussets, a detachable strap and is hinged at bottom with a flab closure at top. The handbags remind me of sculptures, they are handmade with materials that are known for their effective strength, form and longevity. $710. wendystevens.com