If you are thinking of offering soda at your gathering, why not choose a sparkling mineral water? Inside each bottle lie a symphony of nutrients—calcium for bone density, sulfates help digestion, magnesium allows muscles to relax, plus electrolytes keep you hydrated for hours.

When hosting a party, it’s always important to include some non-alcoholic items in the mix. and these mineral waters have extra health benefits, That’s why I chose to include them in my healthy party plan with a focus on Super Foods. When staging the bar, the look of the bottle can add to the scene. Picture these bottles gracing the bar…

[1] VOSS is the one you grab for a purist, modern bar. From Norway. $38 for a 12-pack. aquamaestro.com

[2] The intense blue of the Ty Nant bottle highlights its amazing water from Wales. A stunning, eye-catching silhouette. $53 for a 12-pack. thewaterloft.com

[3] Aqua Panna, from 3,700 feet up on Mt. Gazzaro in Tuscany, has a traditional but minimalist design. $36 for a 12-pack. amazon.com