Being a person who appreciates fine, well-crafted rum, I am delighted to report about a brand from the rainforests of Belize. Copalli is a single estate organic rum made with just three simple ingredients: heirloom sugarcane, yeast, and filtered rainforest canopy water sourced directly from the distillery’s farm. Sounds refreshing, no? Copalli produces two editions: White and Barrel Rested, both with extraordinary flavor profiles, each in a category of its own.

Because the rum is produced on a single estate, they control all parts of the production in the growing and distilling process, so absolutely nothing goes to waste. Sugarcane is planted on the premises, local labor is used to harvest, and waste from the distillery process goes right back into the soil. If only everything in life was this way!

organic rum from Belize

Copalli White Rum really reminded me of a fine cachaça. It has a superb aroma of fresh green grass, almost as if the rainforest is whispering. Overall, it feels very fresh and is so smooth. 88 proof.

organic rum from Belize

Copalli Barrel Rested Rum If you prefer dark spirits, then the barrel-rested version is the one for you. After a double distillation it gets aged in American Oak bourbon barrels to give it extra depth. 88 proof.

organic rum from Belize rum Daiquiri

They’ve hired veterans of the cocktail world to help promote the brand. Julie Reiner is the co-owner of award-winning NYC bars Clover Club and Leyenda, and is a published author of at-home cocktail book, The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion. “We all need to make responsible choices when sourcing ingredients and make a real effort to reduce our carbon footprint.” says Reiner. Her cocktail: Rum Daiquiri

organic rum from Belize rum negroni

Elayne Duff of Duff on the Rocks, was Head Mixologist and Luxury Spirit Brand Ambassador with Diageo and has appeared on the hit show Bar Rescue. She recommends a Rum Negroni.

organic rum from Belize watermelon cocktail

I had some fresh watermelon on hand, and the white rum matched perfectly with the fruit. The cocktail: freshly squeezed watermelon juice, juice of one lime, and a touch of agave.

In addition to all this great taste, Copalli Rum founders have been committed to supporting the local Belizeans for over 20 years. They award grants to local children to continue their schooling and have created programs that support healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, and sustainable agriculture.