Fresh fruit and pisco flavors dance in this lovely champagne cocktail—in my opinion the most elegant of cocktails. Learn the secrets to balancing flavors from an expert.

For the CHILL party plan that features an all-white menu, Meaghan shared her champagne cocktail, Andean Dusk. Her inspiration: make a cocktail that highlights the elegant floral notes in the pisco. This is part of our bar suggestions for the party.

Meaghan brought upscale, speakeasy cocktail-ing to NYC with the opening of Raines Law Room, the perfect spot for a rendezvous with a group, or that special someone. She shares her ideas for creating perfectly balanced cocktails.

Describe your cocktailing style

My style in based on a classic “Golden Era” approach to bartending, which means balancing 3-5 ingredients to make a cocktail that is greater than the sum of its parts. I love to create cocktails that others can replicate, so I don’t go overboard with infusions, foams, etc.

What’s the best way to balance a cocktail?
Make sure citrus is fresh, you have a touch of sweet, and a high-quality spirit to work with.

What’s the most popular drink at Raines?
Currently, it’s a scotch cocktail called the Wildest Redhead, which is perfect for the season. Along with blended scotch, it has lemon, honey, Allspice Dram and cherry Heering.

Tell me about your latest concoction at Grace
My inspiration for the The Gallow Glass at Grace ( came from her time traveling through Scotland, so I created a strong and smoky cocktail that would fortify one trooping through the country. It’s a Negroni meets Rob Roy.

What’s your latest ingredient discovery?

I love pisco, which is a grape spirit from Peru & Chile. Its grape-based, so has lovely floral and citrus notes like we find in wine.

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