I chose these accessories for making pizza at home to give you a leg up on how to give your pizza the crispiest crust, and a couple of ways of serving it in style.

Ever wonder why people use a pizza stone? It does its best to mimic the ultra-high temperatures of a professional pizza oven, which gives you a crispier crust. I found one that can go from oven to table, and look great in the process. It will also keep your pizza warm for a time. For serving, I also found a cool stainless steel beauty and cutter with neat bonuses. Read on.

[1] All-Clad Metalcrafters Pizza Stone and Cutter Set

This beauty allows you to cook and display. The pizza stone does its job of absorbing moisture so your crust will not go soggy. In essence, it turns your oven into a brick oven. This set from All-Clad comes complete with pizza stone, stainless serving tray and pizza cutter. $120. bloomingdales.com

[2] All-Clad Cook Serve Stainless-Steel Pie Server

Makes the transfer of the slice from the serving dish to the plate that much more elegant. It has a gleaming mirror finish and All-Clad’s comfortable handle shape. Dishwasher safe. 11 1/4″ long. Available at williams-sonoma.com

hobnobmag Accessories for Making Pizza

[3] Art+Cook Pizza Wheelie Zinc Positive

For all the perfectionists out there, own the tool that gives you an absolutely, clean cut slice. This pizza cutter is designed to cut through pizza effortlessly, and will not clog with food. $15. artandcook.com

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