Who To Take: Take your business partners for a power lunch or impress your girlfriend with your knowledge of food and design.

If you have a real affinity for all things french – the opening of L’Avenue’s second location in New York will fill you with glee. The owners of L’Avenue, Jean-Louis Costes and Alex Denis, have a knack for drawing in fashion and celebrity clientele—this location is no different. We visited in the spring, while shopping for a black-tie wedding, and were treated to a multi-sensory experience. At the start, the curtain-filled walkway leading to the restaurant promises something special awaits you at the end. Once you walk in, expect Philipe Starck’s welcoming art-deco interiors, plenty of light, a grand staircase going down towards a cocktail lounge and a see-and-be-seen atmosphere.

A real Parisian dining experience means the food is fresh and all dishes are equally delicious. We ordered a small lunch, sliced avocado with light citrusy dressing and tuna tartare. Both came fresh and were exactly what we needed after our morning of gown shopping. Our table was situated right near a window, looking out onto the rooftops, including 620 Fifth Avenue’s Loft & Garden party space.

After our lunch, we decided to descent downstairs for a quick peek at Starck’s Le Chalet. The stunning staircase ties the two floors together with art-deco stairs and railing, and the stone walls and books give you just hint of what to expect a just a few steps further. Le Chalet is vast but cozy, bar included, and makes you feel as if you stepped into a rustic ski lodge. The space overlooks Rockefeller Plaza, with a door leading to a small outdoor terrace. Once you are in, you forget that this gem is in one of the busiest areas in New York.

(photo at the top of this post) Our lunch consisted of light dishes, the Tuna Tartare, with a side of mid-century meets art-deco interiors.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue lunch sliced avocado

The sliced avocado, simply beautiful. Right, across the street, 620 Loft & Gardens makes for a unique dining view.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue Ellen Swandiak having lunch

Our Editorial Director, Ellen Swandiak, waiting for our table while enjoying the comfortable atmosphere.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue cool design Phillipe Starck

L’Avenue has unexpected details, such as the facing on the bar and whimsical plate design—each was unique.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue long entryway

The bar might be the most ideal place for a quick lunch alone. Right, The long walkway leading to the restaurant creates a sense of drama.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue design by Phillipe Starck

L’Avenue’s roomy table setup and wall décor help visitors feel at home.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue by Phillipe Starck

Philipe Stack ensures that all the details are polished and give the space a sense of charm.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue grand staircase

A grand staircase takes you down to Le Chalet, a lounge filled with rustic and unexpected details.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue Le Chalet by Phillipe Starck

Depicting a ski lodge, Le Chalet is a comfortable place to have a specialty cocktail.

hobnobmag l'avenue saks fifth avenue Le Chalet terrace

Before you head out onto the busy street again, there is a variety of relaxing spaces to enjoy at L’Avenue, like the outdoor terrace. Right, in front of Rockerfeller Center a Jaume Plensa sculpture greets you as you exit Saks.

L’Avenue Saks, 8 East 50th St (betw 5th/ Madison Ave)