Miami, known for its vibrant culture and diverse population, boasts a culinary scene as diverse as the city itself. From trendy restaurants to hidden gems, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Restaurant groups from New York to Los Angeles have brought their hotspots to Miami, from Major Food Group restaurants like Carbone and Sadelle’s to others. With this in mind, h.Wood Group’s Delilah opened its doors in Brickell towards the end of 2023.

Delilah is known for its 1920s-inspired ambiance, live music, and high-end dining. h.Wood Group conceived the venue’s name by developing a fictional character who would embody the roaring 20s theme. The name and restaurant itself is decadent and nostalgic in all ways, including its entertainment.

Before tasting the fun Delilah has to offer, searching for the restaurant’s entrance is even more entertaining. It is hidden off a pathway adorned by intricate bright green bushes. Once you locate the Delilah sign, you’re in—you’ll first encounter a marble lobby, followed by a marble staircase that leads into the restaurant.

Fashioned to be a portal to the past with the modern design sophistication of today, Delilah Miami is John Terzian’s vision brought to life by Built Design. Awash in a palette of light pink, teal, and gold, Delilah Miami blends the signature style of the Los Angeles and Las Vegas outposts while adding classic Miami flair, including intricate ceiling soffits with bright wallpapers; a rich, Turkish burl wood lobby; a grand stairwell entrance and luxury marble and stone throughout.

Delilah caricatures by artist Blue Logan adorn the walls, menus, and lamps and include local Miami legends. The lamps reminded me of the ones I spotted in Bemelmans bar at the Carlyle in Manhattan—of course, with different illustrations. Lastly, unique to Delilah Miami is a custom stage that becomes the focal point each evening as the vibe seamlessly transitions into a lounge for bottle service, signature cocktails, and live entertainment.

At Delilah, there is also a “No Photo” policy, which I found to be pleasant because I got to enjoy dinner without having to stress taking photos of my food before eating. The reasoning behind this policy is to protect the restaurant’s clientele as well as the overall ambiance of the venue. Celebrity or no celebrity, the staff at Delilah wants everyone to feel comfortable in the restaurant without worrying if someone is snapping a photo of them or of them being in the background. Ambiance-wise, this rule assists guests in putting their phones down and becoming more present.

As for the cuisine, Delilah’s offers various dishes, including the Delilah Burger, Lobster Mac and Cheese, and Chocolate Lava Cake, among other items. The reins at Delilah Miami’s kitchen are held by Executive Chef Daniel Roy, where technique-driven food with new world flavors and signature Delilah dishes include its world-famous Chicken Tenders and Kendall’s Slutty Brownie, named after Kendall Jenner.

Chef Roy and the team have infused the menu with Latin-inspired flavors local to Miami with ingredients such as coconut and lychee, paying homage to the city’s cultural heritage. Other menu highlights include Stone Crab Salad, Cubano Fritters, Crispy Confit, and Suckling Pig. We started the night with the chicken tenders, which were a batch of the juiciest I’ve ever had. The two sauces accompanying the chicken tenders for dipping were a creamy buttermilk ranch and a spicy BBQ sauce.

Alongside the tenders, we tried the Pigs in a Blanket since they weren’t your typical bar snack as these were stuffed with a Wagyu beef hot dog and, of course, had a finger-licking good honey mustard on the side to dip into. Another appetizer you can go right with at Delilah Miami is the Beef Carpaccio. The Beef Carpaccio is an iconic Italian appetizer of raw, delicately thin sliced beef. At Delilah Miami, the Beef Carpaccio is topped with savory black truffle, refreshing pickled onions, crispy shallot, lemon aioli, and vibrant green sorrel. Our final appetizer was the Stone Crab Salad, which was fresh and sweet due to the tender crab meat. The stone crab sat on top of pieces of little gem lettuce topped with small smoky tobiko eggs and herbaceous shiso leaves. Tobiko eggs range from 0.5 to 0.8 mm and are used in sushi. Shiso leaves are used to garnish noodle dishes such as hiyamugi or sōmen, meat dishes like sashimi, tataki, and namerō, and tofu dishes like hiyayakk.

We then ordered a Macaroni Gratinee and Lobster Ravioli for our first courses because pasta dishes are always necessary. The Macaroni Gratinee is a side dish made of a fondue crafted from sharp mimolette cheese and a creamy black truffle bechamel, which took this macaroni and cheese staple to another level. The Lobster Ravioli was smothered in a thick yet creamy coconut milk and a herb purée, topped with a peanut crumble, and drizzled in lobster oil. Rather than the ravioli being hearty, it was light and gave our palates a taste of warm weather since anything lobster in Miami provides just that vibe.

Because Key Lime Pie is Florida’s official state pie, it was only fitting to order a slice. The slice was sweet, citrusy, and creamy all at once, which is the beauty of this specific pie.

After dining, the restaurant becomes a space for dancing as a troupe of female entertainers move to the sounds provided by a live jazz band. Eating, drinking, and dancing converge in this luxury space as guests enjoy lounge-style bottle service as the evening unfolds. Elegant yet alluring, Delilah’s charm and vibrant energy are like stepping back in time. With this in mind, I felt as if I was a part of the scene of “The Notebook” when Alli Hamilton was proposed to at the swanky bar while dancing to Big Band music.

If you’re in Miami and want a fancy girls’ night out entailing some delectable bites, live music, and a touch of exclusivity, then Delilah is the spot for you! Want more information on Delilah when planning your trip to Miami? Follow them on Instagram over @delilahmiami.

Delilah Miami, 301 Brickell Key Dr (betw SE 10th Street / Brickell Key Drive), Miami, FL