We hope you agree: Cindy Lauper’s, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” should be the anthem for Galentine’s Day. What is Galentine’s Day you ask? While it is not a national holiday (yet), it is an official holiday dedicated to the power of female friendships. Believe it or not, Galentine’s Day started as a fictional holiday on the show Parks and Recreation. The made-up holiday took off in real life, likely because it fulfilled the need for a special day to show your girlfriends how much you love, appreciate and empower them. The options on how to spend your Galentine’s Day are endless. Make it a spa day, a weekend getaway (we recommend the Tarrytown House Estate for a NYC escape), or a good old fashioned sleep over.

Chambord liqueur gave us some great ideas for celebrating at their Galentine gathering at New York City’s Catch Steak private dining room. They were able to assemble a room full of Galentine’s enthusiasts, enjoying Chambord’s pretty cocktails and a menu of wonderful one-bite bites from Catch. The Almond Crusted Cauliflower was our favorite (and the mini steaks came in second). Yes, Chambord Liqueur makes delicious cocktails but this goes to show that they are more than just a pretty bottle with black raspberry liqueur. In case you were wondering, the secret to Chambord Liqueur’s velvety deliciousness is fresh blackberries and raspberries, soaked in french spirits.

Here are some easy recipes from the event that can enhance your Galentine celebration. 

Chambord Royale

(seen in the photo at the top of this post).

.33 oz Chambord
sparkling wine
garnish: 1 blackberry or raspberry

In a flute glass, pour in Chambord, then fill with sparkling wine. Garnish with berry.


hobnobmag Chambord Galentine's Day Cocktails at Catch Steak3

The Bramble

(photo, right)
2 oz Fords Gin
1 oz lemon juice
2 barspoons simple syrup
.5 oz Chambord
garnish: lemon twist

Shake or stir ingredients together. Transfer to an Old fashioned glass with crushed ice (if you have). Top with lemon twist.

French Margarita

(not pictured)
2 oz tequilia
1 oz Chambord
1 oz triple sec
.5 oz sour mix

Shake with ice and transfer to Margarita glass.

hobnobmag Chambord Galentine's Day Cocktails at Catch Steak

The private dining room at Catch Steak was the perfect setting for Chambord’s whimsy, and featured compelling artwork throughout.

hobnobmag Chambord Galentine's Day Cocktails at Catch Steak

The entry to Catch Steak is inviting for Instagrammers. Right, Paulina Kajankova sips a Bramble cocktail.

Another reason to applaud Chambord is their initiative with bartenders. This liqueur brand has made it their business to empower bartenders in order to protect women from potentially dangerous situations at bars. Chambord partnered with Alteristic, utilizing the “Bystander Intervention Training Program. Here are the top 3 steps Chambord and Alteristic want you to take to stay safe at a bar: [1] Check in to ask, “Hey, is everything okay?”[2]  If NOT time to start a conversation with your friend to divert the situation—maybe claim to need help finding your phone; sometimes all it takes to de-escalate a situation is a simple diversion. [3] Involve a bartender to help you safely deal with the situation as they can recognize problem behaviors and have the authority to intervene. chambordchannel.com