Dining around a new city has its challenges and rewards. It’s a way to get to know the locals, and hopefully, get to meet other fun and food-focused folks. We had a blast trying the local goodies and experimental dishes and seeing what Lisbon is all about. (see also Hobnob’s post on Lisbon Drink) and Street Scenes and Scenic Spots.

Some general observations on the Lisbon restaurant scene:

• Most of the contemporary restaurants had a very sparse or industrial feel, being absolutely clean and minimalist. Or, alternately, were super modern and lux.

• As we walked around, I noticed lots of restaurants were situated in the ultimate locations—with views, near historical sites, or gardens. I can’t tell you how many times we came upon a wondrous area—and boom—there was a place to dine. Good to keep in mind if you are the spontaneous type.

• Nearly every restaurant presented the check in a unique and clever way. Some enclosed in a book, or a mug, or a can… it seemed to be a thing.

See Hobnob’s individual reviews and photos of the following spots we encountered personally:

Attla: personal time with a creative chef

Epur: ultra elegant and refined

Sud Lisboa: modern digs with a pool

Gin Lovers: incredible atrium in historic building

Jncquoi: cutting edge yet casual

River Lounge: a bit of glitz and sunshine

Prado: warm, unusual, and surprising