One of my favorite things to do in NYC is stop in at the bar of an upscale restaurant—especially at a spot that’s just opened—and do a quick sampling of the menu. As it happened, after the Tabletop show just a block away, the bar at Park Avenue Restaurant Autumn called to me.

Who To Take: Your co-worker for a bite + sip at the bar or a group to celebrate an occasion (dining room)

Popping in here gets you the grand treatment: champagne in a gorgeous, extra tall flute, a sample of their cake-like bread, a creatively presented amuse, and your bar bite of choice. This time, I opted for the Moroccan-cigar-appetizer, which I think was stuffed with mushrooms of the season. The bartenders here are extra cordial, with just the right balance of friendliness and professionalism.

HOBNOBMAG Park Avenue Restaurant Autumn

One note to consider for women: the bar stools are very high, and a little awkward to get on and off when wearing a short skirt. For more of this spectacular place, see HOBNOB’s post on the cocktails we tasted, by Bryan Schneider.

PARK AVENUE [Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn], 360 Park Avenue South at SW corner of 26th St; go at least one time per season to experience new decor and menu