This cucumber martini looks as good as it tastes, beautifully garnished with a fresh sage leaf. See the mixology thinking behind this blend, and you’ll be able to serve this stellar cocktail at your next gathering with confidence.

When I started making a party plan based on smoky flavors, I thought a mezcal cocktail would work nicely into the mix. This one adds a particular freshness and beauty and was created by Miguel Aranda, who is a big mezcal fan. You may have seen Miguel behind a bar or two in NYC (Daniel, Wallse, Patroon, Yerba Buena Perry, THOR, Toloache, Apotheke, Monkey Bar, for starters).

For the Smoky party, Miguel offers the Cantaro, a combination of mezcal, lime juice, cucumber water, agave sage reduction, and egg white. Smoky, yet still wonderfully light and refreshing.

Miguel’s latest project takes place in the downstairs room at Casa Mezcal, in the Botanic Lab, where a bounty of spices and fresh local herbs, salt varietals, homemade bitters and teas from all over the globe get incorporated into the cocktails. Botanic Lab will also feature impromtu performances in music, art, burlesque in an intimate setting. [Botanic Lab has since closed]

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