Experience the joys of an easy to clean juicer, that also helps to retain more vitamins in the output. This is the perfect tool to include in the party plan focused on healthy Super Foods.

HUROM’s Slow Juicer 700 If you’ve ever had a juicer, you know the most annoying aspect is the clean up and total breakdown and set up between each juicing. The most wonderful thing about this juicer is that it is designed to be cleaned quickly and easily—by just running water through the system. That fact alone makes it ideal for party usage—­allowing you to create custom blends throughout the night without having to disassemble and reassemble when changing ingredients.

AND in the case of juicing speed—slower is better. Instead of using heat and centrifugal force, the Hurom Slow Juicer puts fruits and veggies through a two-step crush-and-press process, thus producing 35% more juice and keeping nutrients intact. Its quieter existence is also appreciated. $400.

Watch the video to see the difference. Available online at


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