Whether hosting a chic Kentucky Derby party, or not, bourbon should be a staple on your bar. This bourbon party punch will keep the party rollicking.

When thinking of southern cuisine, tea, peaches, and bourbon definitely come to mind. Mixologist Mimi Burnham brings these flavors together in a punch she created for a party hosted by Four Roses. I was lucky to get an invitation to this elegant bash (see more on the menu here) and found this punch to be absolutely addictive.

hobnobmag 4 ROSES Bourbon Party Punch

In addition to the punch, and many Mint Juleps, Four Roses featured a tasting of their editions in honor of their 130th Anniversary. The tasting began with their original, Four Roses Bourbon, which has a smooth and light feel with sweet notes of vanilla and coconut. This was my favorite of the three. Then we moved onto the very rare editions: Single Barrel and Small Batch, which are deliciously designed to be sipped on their own.

As an antidote to all the booze, I loved the fact that there was a water dispenser on the scene filled with strawberries, which was a great way to cleanse the palate and hydrate in between cocktail-ing.

hobnobmag 4 ROSES Bourbon Party Punch

Here’s a recipe for the classic:

Mint Julep
2 oz Four Roses Bourbon
.25 oz demerara syrup
8 mint leaves

hobnobmag 4 ROSES Bourbon Party Punch

Derby Day Peach Punch

Something to keep in mind: the caffeine aspect of the tea. It definitely has an arousing effect.

Make the Lemon Oleo
4 lemons
8 oz sugar

juice of 4 lemons

Remove lemon peels with a vegetable peeler. Place in a bowl with sugar and toss together. Muddle the lemon peels with the sugar and allow to sit for at least a half hour, up to an hour. Add the juice from the peeled lemons.

Make the tea
3 black tea bags

Boil 32 oz of water and let tea steep for 10 minutes, then cool.

Make the punch
32 oz black tea
16 oz Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon
32 oz Four Roses Bourbon
4 oz Peach Brandy
16 oz Perfect Puree White Peach
2 oz Angostura bitters
Lemon Oleo

Mix together in a few pitchers. Transfer to a punch bowl to serve.
—recipes by Mimi Burnham

hobnobmag 4 ROSES Bourbon Party Punch