Shannon Stiggins of Cosme Treats Us to a Potent Dessert Cocktail

Our guest mixologist this month is a breath of fresh air behind the bar at NYC hotspot Cosme. This Mexican City -influenced restaurant is featuring a large selection of unique, artisanal tequilas, rums, and mezcals—which find their way into her refreshing cocktails.

Stiggins started bartending in college and worked the country club scene around Long Island before landing in Manhattan at Vero Uptown and Downtown, STK, and American Whiskey. Her cocktail, Montegato Coke Float is born out of a dilemma of a couple of guests with conflicting interests: one wanting coffee and dessert, the other a cocktail. She pleased them both with this intense ensemble. Be forewarned, though, the espresso and ice cream will keep you awake for hours—or maybe that’s what you already planned.

Stay tuned for Stiggins’ take on the new cocktail menu at Dylan’s Candy. Her great eye and unique fashion sense can be seen at thatbleachedblonde.com.

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