Quiet Dance Floor: Is This the Future? Dancing with Headphones Around NYC

Who To Take: Someone looking for a unique experience or the person who likes to dance and control the playlist

After dinner one night downtown at Harold’s Meat + Three, we stumbled upon an interesting scene happening inside the Argo Hotel. A room full of people, wearing glowing headphones, dancing away—yet there was no sound. We had to find out what the heck was going on! Here’s what we found out. What the Float is a traveling dance event that meanders from place to place in different neighborhoods, providing places to dance and mingle. What’s cool is that you can choose which music provided by 4 djs by changing the channel on your headphones, which also changes the color. It’s fun to watch people totally mesmerized, moving to the different grooves—some of which may inspire you to tune into their channel. Events last about three hours. Advance tickets, $15. whatthefloat.com