I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas Holiday Gift Guide for the Drink Connoisseur

Selections for the bar and pantry for all your bartending associates. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide for finding gifts for the people in your life that know how to party right.


Fauchon Tea Paris Le Pomme Gorgeously packaged drinking sensations. Serve these alongside dessert or mixed into a cocktail. La Pommee Apple Tea takes the black teas of Sri Lanka and flavors it with crystallized red apple. Chung Hao Jasmine Tea  is an aromatic, elegant, very flowery green tea from China. 20 Tea Bags $25.95


Absolute 100 in the Black Bottle Beautify the bar. Absolut 100 is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike some other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. It’s distinct with spicy notes, yet luxuriously smooth, with a fresh and velvety texture. absolut.com


Harney & Sons Victorian London Fog A traditional tea for your formal friends, London Fog originated during the Victorian era. Traditionally, it is an Earl Grey served with steamed milk. Black tea, oolong tea, bergamot oil, lavender, vanilla flavor. $8.50 harney.com


Belvedere Vodka Intense Belvedere Vodka Intense is diluted with less water to 100 proof, then double filtered through charcoal to highlight a fine balance between elegance and strength. Contains seductive notes of rich vanilla, butterscotch, and sweet spice. About $50. clos19.com


Dom Perignon P2 Vintage 1998 A handsome gift box wraps the fine black bottle nicely. Dom Perignon 1998 heightens toasting time with an unusual vintage. 1998 was marked by two unusual occurrences: record high temperatures in August burned grapes and was followed by heavy rainfall in September. The First Plénitude (released in 2005) was a model of balance. In its Second Plénitude, invigorated by the additional years in the cellars, Dom Pérignon P2 1998 transcends the potential of the vintage. Drink now or save through 2030. The website promises delivery of a bottle within 1 hour in certain cities. $379. domperignon.com


Hennessy Black A cognac of a different breed. Hennessy Black is an original blend resulting in a smoother class of Cognac with both delicate floral aromas and complex roundness on the palate. Citrus fruits, fresh grapes, jasmine, honey. It was designed to be mixed into cocktail or drunk with ice. hennessy.com


Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur For those who can’t get enough java in their life. Mr. Black uses a blend of rare beans: Ethiopian Djimmah and Brazilian Arabica. They roast and brew them separately before blending to establish a maximum range of flavors. Available at Astor Wines, $40. mrblack.co


Dean & Deluca Coffee of the Month Club-6 Month Keep the gift coming. Outstanding single origin, blended and flavored whole bean coffees will arrive monthly.  The portfolio of coffees offers up flavors of fruit, vanilla, caramel, hazelnuts, pecans, citrus, and chocolates each month. Free shipping. 6 months $135. 3 months $70. deandeluca.com


Patrón Xo Cafe This, to me, is a match made in heaven. A dark, dry and delicious low-proof coffee liqueur mixes with Patrón Silver to offer notes of fresh coffee, chocolate and vanilla. Great placed on the bar or dessert buffet. patrontequila.com