HOBNOBMAG tamworth distilling flora gin


Earth Day Tribute to Flowers: Flora Gin

Tamworth Distilling has created a super gin with something extra—in this case, pretty botanicals. Beginning with a London Dry style, then infusing linden flower, red clover, elderflower, violet, and lemon verbena the result is a flavorful gin with spark. Flora Gin, in its gorgeous bottle, can stand up in a cocktail, succeeding without a juniper-forward taste dominating. Try just adding water to release the  floral components from the liquor. Tasting Notes: …bright citrus on the nose, which opens up into a delicate bouquet of floral notes on the palate. Notes of grapefruit, elderflower and lavender follow, culminating in a long finish with a touch of sweetness from local honey. Enjoy it in this refreshing cocktail which adds a touch of bitter and bright fruit.