A Super Grill That Makes Wood-Fired Cooking a Breeze

Welcome to Argentinian-style grilling with conveniences. Kalamazoo Gaucho Grills, hand-built in Michigan, takes wood-fired grilling to the next level. A built-in gas starter system gets things moving quickly, and keeps fires roaring with optimal air circulation in its deep firebox. Enjoy an oversized cooking area (726 sq inches) with a choice of grill grates, including Argentinian-style V-grates. The oversized wheel makes raising and lowering the grates a simple act—raise to keep warm, lower for searing heat. An ash collection system takes the hassle out of cleaning up after the BBQ is all-said-and-done. The K750 Gaucho Grill can be built-in or be freestanding, with rotisserie. From $17,695. for the built-in model to $23,395. for freestanding model with side burner.