A Cocktail with a Medley of Aphrodisiacs from Micaela Piccolo of Distilled NY

Let Micaela treat you to a special potion at Distilled NY. With her knowledge of technique, cocktail history, fresh ingredients, and seasonality, she will come up with the perfect concoction to please your palate. Distilled NY is a New American Public House that serves iconic American dishes updated with modern techniques and global flavors. At the bar you can experience four types of Mead, lagers and hard ciders, the daily cocktail special, or one of their infamous “Moon & Back” shots—moonshine, followed by house-made pickle backs.

For this party, she shares her recipe for the Ambrosia Fizz—which includes a medley of aphrodisiacs. “In Ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia, the food or drink of the Greek Gods, gave immortality or lastingness upon whoever consumed it. I wanted to combine some of my favorite and exotic aphrodisiacs into one enticing and desirable form. With the mystical elixir mezcal, one of Mexico’s oldest stimulant beverages, combined with the libido lifting ingredients of basil, this drink will leave you ambitious and eager for more.” distilledny.com

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