I ❤︎ RHUM Series: Four Cocktails with Rare Rums by Francois Morisson

Our first mixologist, François Morisson is a feisty French national, and NYC original. His passion for rhum may be in the genes. Part of François’ family originates from Martinique which is known for its specific variety of rhum. François has developed a taste and expertise for the spirit, which he collects and features widely in his cocktails.

With over 20 years in the biz, you may have run across Francois at Balthazar, Cherche Midi, or Minetta Tavern. He not only mixes extraordinary cocktails, but has been involved in the design and set up of many bars, including several of the McNally chain. François currently works as Head Bartender at Augustine.

When François has an opinion, do listen! This article naming him Top 5 Legendary Bartenders says it all. Please enjoy these four very different rum cocktails:


Dead Cousin

2 oz Clement Select Barrel

1 oz Aperol

.5 oz lemon juice

.25 oz Green Chartreuse

float of Mezcal Fidencio

Serve up with an orange twist.



Tituba’s Share

1.75 oz Mount Gay Black Barrel

1/2 oz Bonal

.5 oz 1840 Pierre Ferrand Cognac

.75 oz lemon verbena tea

Serve on the rocks with a twist.



Good Thing

2 oz Damoiseau Blanc 55º

.5 oz Poire Williams

.25 oz Creme de Gingembre

.75 oz lemon juice

Serve up with brown sugar rim.




Muddled lime w brown sugar

2 oz Damoiseau Blanc 55º

.75 oz pomegranate molasses

garnish: dried rose bud

Serve up with dried rose bud and salt.