If you’re looking for ideas of places to celebrate the holiday season, consider one of these upscale suggestions. That way you’ll really be feeling the holiday spirit (so to speak).

Loews Hotels & Co Bellhop Bar

Loews Hotels is doing a limited-edition pop-up in their lobbies across the country. The Bellhop Bar is a special mobile bar situated in a vintage steamer trunk—stocked with elegant glassware, wine and bottled cocktails. The word bellhop comes from a shortening of the word bellhopper—who job it was to hop into action at the sound of a bell.

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Each city has a signature cocktail that goes with its vibe—local interpretations of martinis and old-fashioneds. NYC’s cocktail is a martini with olives, Philadelphia is serving The Mayflower, and Boston focuses on bourbon, to name a few.

hobnobmag where to have drinks in NYC

So head over any evening at five pm, to experience The Bellhop Bar’s fine wine and handcrafted cocktails.

hobnobmag where to have drinks in NYC

Loews Regency Hotel New York, 540 Park Ave (betw 61st/62nd St)

hobnobmag where to have drinks in NYC

Slane Irish Whiskey +Food Pairing Festival

For the Irish Whiskey lover, Slane Irish Whiskey has come up with fantastic food pairings to go along with one on the rocks. at leading US restaurants and bars. Slane Irish Whiskey can handle a block of ice and its underlying smoky notes from its virgin oak cask aging are a perfect complement to grilled dishes with a bit of char and also cuts through very rich dishes, and even sweets and confections.

In case you are not familiar with this Irish spirit, it’s a new take resulting from a signature triple cask maturation process starting with virgin, moving on to seasoned, then sherry casks.It’s been described as bold, yet smooth, and more complex than a traditional blended Irish whiskey. Check out these places around NYC whose pairings can make your mouth water. slaneirishwhiskey.com

Baby Lamb Chops from Chef Joe Mallol, The Dead Rabbit (seen above)

“Our baby lamb chops at The Dead Rabbit are legendary and have turned the lamb-shy into lamb-fanatics,” says Sean Muldoon, owner. “Slane on the rocks has the backbone and flavor to complement the delicate lamb without overpowering it and its dried fruit notes go well with our housemade mint sauce.”

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Peking Duck from Chef Joe Ng, Decoy

“Slane on the rocks is my go-to recommendation for our Peking duck,” says Chef Joe Ng. “The smokiness of the spirit amplifies the roasted and caramelized notes of the duck and also cuts through the fattiness.”

hobnobmag where to have drinks in NYC

Slane-Brined Pork Chop from Chef Philip Sireci, Fine & Rare

“Slane on the rocks is a no-brainer pairing here,” says Chef Philip Sireci. “We use Slane Irish Whiskey in our 24-hour brine for a double-bone Niman Ranch pork chop. Having an accompanying sip on ice really brings out the spirit’s notes imbued in the meat.”

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Bison Bacon Meatloaf from Chef Patricia Williams, The Flatiron Room

“I can’t think of a better spirited accompaniment to our bison bacon meatloaf than Slane on the rocks,” says Chef Patricia Williams. “The smokiness complements the smoky bacon that encases the meatloaf and the sweeter notes marry well with the agave, honey and thyme roasted carrots that accompany the dish.”

hobnobmag where to have drinks in NYC

Davio’s Fall Cocktail Menu

For those who commute out of Grand Central Terminal, Davio’s, located across the street, offers a couple of seasonal sippers that will definitely put one in the holiday mood. Stop in to meet a pal, and pair with a bar snack or two, like mixed olives, pancetta popcorn, or mixed selections from the raw bar. The hot drink that will take the chill out of your bones is called Tea Time. Mull it Over is a blend of bourbon and red wine. Here are the recipes.


2 oz Tito’s
.5 oz Cinnamon Tea Syrup
.5 oz apple cider
.25 oz lemon juice
Combine in tin, steam, pour into glass coffee cup, top with hot water


1.5 oz Jefferson’s Bourbon
.25 oz Nonino amaro
.25 oz Lejay Cassis
dash Nutmeg
Cabernet Wine

Combine all ingredients except red wine. Shake into copper mug, top with cabernet.

Davio’s, 447 Lexington Ave (betw 44th/45th St)