West coast wine selections from southern Oregon and California, whose vineyards deploy an exemplary respect for the soil. Enjoy our favorites from a couple of tastings.

On a recent trip to the west coast, I knew I had to take advantage of the season and sample some wines from Oregon. I was not disappointed by the offerings, to say the least. Here are our recommendations to accompany the Taco Bar Buffet, part of the weekend guest strategy.

COWHORN produces biodynamic Rhone-style wines in southern Oregon. We had the luck of doing an afternoon tasting here and did come home with a few bottles. Our favorites from the tasting:

THE SPIRAL 36, is a blend of three white grape varieties, “The lush, tropically-flavored Viognier floods your mouth, the Roussanne supplies satiny structure, and the Marsanne sustains the honeyed flavors deep into the finish. Yes! About $30. 

THE GRENCHE 42, “a marriage of two red grapes…red fruits, balanced with earthy notes and spice, able to grab your palate with gusto and then let go with a caress.” And yes, the name of the vineyard comes from the practice of burying cowhorns into the soil. About $28. cowhornwine.com

HOBNOBMAG Wine Tasting Cowhorn

2013 SPOTTSWOODE SAUVIGNON BLANC Spottswoode Winery is devoted to soil enrichment. Every fall they plant cover crops such as peas, clover, oats, and native California grasses according to biodynamic principles. TASTING NOTES: The nose exudes lime zest and lemon pith, along with characters of ripe peach, honeydew melon, and grapefruit, with a touch of vanilla and pear. The palate is long with hints of meringue and brioche, with citrus components in the finish. About $36. spottswoode.com