To add a special treat to a gathering, try this taste of summer in an cooling rosé sorbet. Mixed with pomagranates and black cherries, it could make a fantastic end to a meal, or refreshing snack to beat the heat. Clambake Rosé is part of a craft wine label created by a female millennial who is building a name for herself. Mary McAuley, a sommelier and culinary school graduate, began her passion for winemaking when having to choose wines to serve at a clambake. Not pleased with wines on the market inspired her to create a “family wine” for their annual summer clambakes, and ended up gathering a local cult following. The wine is made at a certified-sustainable custom crush winery in Healdsburg, California, which operates as a co-op allowing alternating small boutique proprietors like McAuley to make world class wines.

Rosé Sorbet recipe Clambake Wine

The Clambake Limited Edition Rosé The 2015 and 2016 limited edition rosés, are comprised of the very best old-vine carignan from Mendocino. It is picked in its youth and crushed lightly, to extract the best part of the grape, and results in a rosé with both delicate, flawless and acid-driven structure. It’s crispness is what makes it a perfect match for a seafood feast—highlighting claw meat, steamers, sweet corn, and all the extras, but also wonderful sipped on its own.Tasting notes: Light bodied, dry, fruit-forward, floral, smooth. Notes of wild strawberry, bing cherry, candied citrus, and light florals dazzle on the palate in a wine that is light, dry, and wonderfully smooth. $19.

Rosé Sorbet recipe Clambake Wine

Rosé Sorbet recipe Clambake Wine


Clambake Rosé Sorbet



2 CUPS Clambake Rosé Wine

Pour rose into a saucepan, bring to boil. Reduce to 3/4 cup. Allow to cool.


6TB pomegranate juice
1/2 CUP sugar
12 frozen black cherries

Put juice and sugar into a small sauce pan over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add the frozen cherries, remove from heat and let steep until cool.


reduced rosé
simple syrup
6TB pomegranate juice

Combine ingredients in a blender and puree. Chill well in refrigerator. Using an ice cream maker, follow instructions to make the sorbet. Freeze at least 4 to 6 hours.

Rosé Sorbet recipe Clambake Wine