Drink suggestions for those who fear the peat-i-ness of Scotch whiskey, I suggest a smoky tea and red wine to round out the Smoky bar.

The thread behind this party theme is, you guessed it, smoky flavors. I created an entire menu focused on that idea, you can see more recipes here.

Choice Organic Tea for the tea-totallers. As a special offering for those guests who don’t imbibe, this tea will provide a special smokiness to a brew. Russian Caravan Tea is made of a blend of Yunnan tea and Lapsang Souchong tea which is smoked with pine. choiceorganicteas.com

2009 Flagstone Dragon Tree: This Cabernet/Shiraz/Pinotage blend from South Africa is soulful and smoky. RECOMMENDED FOOD PAIRINGS: Sumac and coriander spiced lamb cutlets with a roast walnut and herb tabbouleh; seared tuna with bok choi in a sesame-soy dressing; crispy roast duck with a citrus-plum sauce. flagstonewines.com

We've got more recipes with smoky ingredients to wow guests with, check it out in 01 Smoked