Vera Eisenberg, a.k.a. The Strudel Queen, shares her recipe for her famous apple strudel filling, one of her many renditions on this classic, sophisticated pastry, which include sweet and savory versions. Thanks Vera!

Vera generously shared her recipe to be featured in our White Party theme, one of this website’s total party plans. As you can imagine, this menu features only food that is white, making for a stunning presentation. Choose all white, rather than red-and-green for a holiday hit.

Makes enough for 3 strudels or 15 servings


4 LB cored and thinly sliced Belle de Boscop or other cooking apples
1/2 CUP granulated sugar
1 CUP golden raisins, soaked in 4 TB dark rum or apple cider
2 fresh lemons, juiced
1/2 CUP Cookie Dust (see recipe)

Combine the ingredients.


1 hand-pulled strudel dough (see recipe)
1/2 CUP Cookie Dust (see recipe bottom of page)

Prepare, and stretch strudel dough according to direction. (see directions on Vera’s blog) Sprinkle the Cookie Dust on the rolled out dough. Spoon apple mixture in a long even shape along the topside of dough leaving 2 inches on top and on each end. Using tablecloth, roll the dough over like a jellyroll, finishing with seam side down. Tuck ends under, cut strudel into 3 to fit baking pan.


1/2 CUP melted unsalted butter

Confectioner sugar
Optional, vanilla ice cream or soft whipped cream

Carefully place strudels onto parchment-lined baking sheet with seam side down. Brush tops with melted butter, then make slits with a sharp knife 2 inches apart (to let stream escape while baking).

Lower oven to 375º. Bake strudel in middle of oven until golden brown and crisp, 35 to 40 min. Rotate for even baking.

Transfer to a rack and cool 30 min. Dust with confectioner sugar. Serve as is or with soft whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

We just give you the filling recipe here. To see the recipes for a traditional, tried-and-tested strudel dough and Vera’s special addition of cookie dust head to her website.

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