The Lambs Club is one of those places that feels like it’s been a part of New York City for a century. It’s all class in that old-school kind of way: with staff in crisp white jackets, and a modern comfortable design with accents of red. When you walk in you feel like you have entered a supper club from the 1940s.

The elegance extends to the menu selections which are at once recognizable and a touch unexpected. You may just want to go in and order the steak to stay in classic mode, but we went a more unusual route with pastas and salads. I love Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s sensibility, which I have enjoyed countless times at The National. This place is a few notches above.

Since we were headed to the theater after, we got there pretty early and were surprised to see a 3 piece jazz band playing. In my opinion, they were a bit loud for the space, so luckily we sat all the way across the room, so could have a normal conversation. The restaurant wraps around an opening to the floor down, so has an unusual layout. We sat adjacent to the opening and its dramatic ceiling lights, which added to the drama. Here are the details of our meal…

We started with a Spaghetti Squash Crusted Shrimp Tatsoi, in a toasted hazelnut dressing. (seen in the photo at the top of this post) I had imagined this dish would have several squash coated small shrimp, but it instead arrived as one large portion. This was excellent. Right, the room has plus banquettes and sexy touches of red by the bar.

hobnobmag The Lambs Club

The modern menu design. Right, the Bibb Salad in a three shallot vinaigrette, with radish and tomato. Portion sizes here are ideal, especially if you like sharing, as we do.

hobnobmag The Lambs Club

The view from our table looks down into the hotel below, and has grand lighting.

hobnobmag The Lambs Club

This pasta was a total treat, kind of a winter-y comfort mode: Cappelletti stuffed with braised beef, spiced carrots, scallion, pistachio in a rich tomato sauce. The photo makes my mouth drool! Right, feeling satisfied… note the cool mural behind.

hobnobmag The Lambs Club

Bob always likes to get a gnocchi, if it’s on the menu. Here: the Potato Gnocchi came with delicata squash, chestnut, sage, arugula, truffle. We washed it all down with a light Pinot Grigio, a Marinushof 2017.

The Lambs Club, 132 West 44th St (betw 6th/7th Aves)