Empellon Taqueria hosts one of the best deals for eating out in NYC. For $55 you can sample five of the most inventive tacos on the planet, and be greeted with a margarita upon arrival.

Who To Take: a bunch of friends from work or a date who can handle an unpredictable menu

The chef, Alex Stupak, a former pastry chef, has buckled to his true love—Mexican cuisine—and is known for introducing unexpected elements into his taco offerings. On the night of the tasting, the place was mobbed and joyfully inhabited, and the tacos kept a comin’. This deal only happens once in a while, so get on their mailing list and be the first to hear about them. Be warned, they sell out fast, so do not procrastinate. Truly a treat. In the meantime, Empellon Taqueria’s regular menu features a selection of 12 of the most unusual tacos, so you never need to wait to taste something amazing.

TACO 1: grilled baby leeks in slivered almonds & almendrado (seen in the photo at the top of this post)

TACO 2: crab cakes and sea urchin guacamole (seen in the photo at the top of this post)

HOBNOBMAG Empellon Taqueria Tasting NYC

TACO 3: shrimp and grapefruit pumpkin seed salsa

HOBNOBMAG Empellon Taqueria Tasting NYC

TACO 4: chicken and chorizo

TACO 5: bacon, and sesame seeds with salsa negra

See our other post for more upscale taco love. In that one we feature the recipe by Chef Alex Stupak for Crispy Fish Tacos with Cabbage and Lime Mayo .

EMPELLON TAQUERIA, 230 w 4th St (corner of w 10th St); come hungry!