Remember your first taco? This taco recipe brings it back to the basics with a souped-up ground beef as the base. Super quick and easy to make, it makes entertaining a breeze. You just have to know a few shortcuts.

A super quick way to add amazing spice to ground beef, still using all-natural ingredients. J Burger Burger Starter Chipotle and Onion Seasoning comes in handy with its instant flavor accents. Place this out on the buffet as well,  to use as a topping. Suggested taco combo: Chipotle Onion Ground Beef with arugula, fresh jalapeño, corn, and avocado mayo.



2 LB ground beef
8 TB J Burger Chipotle and Onion Seasoning

In a large heated skillet, add beef, break it up. Cook about 5 min, draining liquid as you go. When meat is cooked through, turn up the flame and sauté till crispy and browned. Remove from heat and add J Burger Chipotle and Onion Seasoning, mix well. Place in a serving bowl on your taco buffet.

HOBNOBMAG Taco Recipe Ground Beef

HOBNOBMAG Taco Bar Buffet

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