On the lower level of the Made Hotel is a rustic, foodie haven. We suggest you arrive at Ferris restaurant with an appetite—for fantastic grub and a few surprises.

Who to Take: Someone with an educated palate or that friend who wants to split an order of the duck for $82

[sadly, this place is now closed] I love finding a new place to dine in NYC that can still impress with a true signature style. Considering Chef Greg Proechel did time at Eleven Madison Park, Graffit, and Blanca, the artsy-ness of the dishes should come as no surprise at Ferris. The ingredients and choices on the menu, though, were a little surprising, and just so interesting. It was hard to decide what to order with so many great choices. (This, of course, means I must return to sample the ones I did not get to try.)

HOBNOBMAG Ferris Restaurant NYC


The space is a little cramped, but everyone was in such a good mood eating and sharing small plates, that you didn’t really notice it after a while. Servers here really know their stuff and deliver high-end attention, especially in explaining any of the dishes’ unusual ingredients and techniques. We felt perfectly pampered.

HOBNOBMAG Ferris Restaurant NYC


Cocktails here were thoughtfully prepared, with their great selection of spirits. I really enjoyed the 388C, since I have been on a French 75 kick lately. The drink was a combination of gin, yuzu sake, chartreuse and lemon—quite beautifully garnished with a dehydrated lemon. To follow, I did indulge in a French 75, but this one had an addition of a little elderflower liqueur, which made it even nicer.


To start off the meal we ordered one of the day’s specials. Lobster Toasts arrived as an eye-catching black and red ensemble. Wonderfully inventive, they were topped with a load of black sesame seeds, a sprinkling of freeze-dried lobster roe, and doused in braised kombu. We were instructed by the server to add a squeeze of the grilled lime to enhance the experience, and we obeyed, and were wowed. All of the staff here were extremely knowledgable and had friendliness to spare.

HOBNOBMAG Ferris Restaurant NYC

Round Two: Blood Sausage. Having grown up in an Eastern European household, this was something we had on special occasions, and it was one of my favorites as a youngster. (Though if you would have told me what I was eating there is no way that would have crossed my lips.) I urge anyone to try this, as it’s mostly barley, or some sort of grain, with incomparable flavor. This one had the addition of grilled dates, toasted seeds, and some ultra thin carrot slices. Superb. And a little spicy.

HOBNOBMAG Ferris Restaurant NYC

The third bite of Crispy Bass came true to its name, with a very crispy skin and nice broth (nuoc cham). For the entrees, we went with lobster again. In this case, a Grilled Lobster Tail sat atop a salad of hearts of palm and macadamia nuts, and a white curry sauce was poured tableside, or barside, in our case. The textures here worked nicely together and the broth was heavenly. Carrot Agnolotti pasta came dressed in a rich sauce made from lamb neck and was accompanied by pickled squash. Quite unusual, and hit the spot.

HOBNOBMAG Ferris Restaurant NYC


This is a great spot to come to on off-hours. We arrived early on a Sunday evening and sat next to a couple who were surrounded by a dozen small plates on the bar, and were enjoying every one of them. You will definitely meet fellow foodies here—or someone staying at the hotel that has no idea yet what great meal is in store for them. The Australian gentleman sitting next to me ordered the duck legs and claimed they were the best thing he ever ate. Come here hungry!

Ferris, 44 W. 29th St (btw Broadway/Sixth Ave) located downstairs from the lobby of the Made Hotel.

HOBNOBMAG Ferris Restaurant NYC