I had my meal at the bar, and people-watched a mix of tourists, and locals—who seem to frequent the place. The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed and unhurried. Red Rooster is a foodie bucket list spot.

Who To Take: a southerner who’s missing the local cuisine or someone who enjoys creative takes on the classics

Been meaning to go to Red Rooster since it opened, and finally made the trek. Only did a quick stop here, but the memory of the Shrimp & Grits dish still lingers…aah. I would never say I was a “grits” lover, but this dish changed my mind. It came bathed in piri piri sauce, a combination of crushed chillies, lemon, paprika, and herbs, plus an infusion of extra-flavorful cheddar. It was so decadent and luscious, I did not want the eating to end.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson has really put his heart and soul into the menu. Thanks goodness, I ordered a salad to start, so that nutritionally I was ahead of the game.

Artists infiltrate the scene in music and visual displays, check the website for details.


RED ROOSTER HARLEM, 310 Lenox Ave (just above 125th St)